The Wrong Answer


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Congress’ Strive to Eliminate Corporate Fraud & the Unintended Consequences of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Throughout the 20th century has witnessed both the enormous economic growth of international companies as well as recurring periods of corporate misconduct and fraud. Time and time again, the public turns to the government to solve the economic consequences of corporate unethical behavior through series of financial regulations, but yet corporate fraud continues to recur. Continue reading

Finding a Middle Ground on Breaking Ground

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Illegal Immigration is Ruining California

The United States is a country that was built on immigration. Nearly every one of us decends from an immigrant at some point in our ancestry. For this reason, people are often slow to take action against those immigrants that are in our country illegally. Unfortunately, housing these illegal immigrants forces us to pay a steep cost. The state of California has been in dire straits economically ever since the energy crisis of 2000, and the precense of over 3 million illegal immigrants is only making the situation worse. Illegal immigrants cost California and its taxpayers billions of dollars annually, while taking up vital space in public schools, hospitals, and even prisons.

Check out The Impact and Effects of Illegal Immigrants on the State of California to understand the full impact that illegal immigration is having on one of our largest states and economies, and what California can possibly do to fix itself.

Wind Energy: A simple solution, yet a difficult task to implement…At least for United States

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Excessive Executive Compensation

The emphasis in my research is put on the problems of excessive chief executive compensation, insufficiently independent corporate board members, lack of transparency in the activities and decisions of boards, and the lack of the laws enforcing regulation of compensation levels.


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Sustainable Business Practices

Companies across the globe are destroying our environment because it is the cheapest way to operate. A shift towards sustainable business practices has been moving sluggishly over the past few decades, but there is much to be done to show companies that there is much green to come with green operations.

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Digital Copyright Law Reform

The music industry has been one of the most heavily affected industries by the advent of digital file sharing technologies. The rapid expansion of the internet in recent years has allowed people to easily share music online across the world without permission of the copyright owners of that music, and without the copyright owners profiting in any way from the widespread distribution of their work. This has caused significant revenue losses for record companies, and has caused them to seek a way to fight back against illegal downloading of music online. Record companies have tried filing lawsuits against individuals who download their copyrighted content, but have since given up that strategy. Since the problem began, many record companies and artists have been pushing the federal government to increase the protections it grants to copyright holders in an effort to stop illegal downloads. Government response to these requests so far has been minimal. Moving forward, the United States federal government really has three options: give more privileges copyright holders or increase the penalties for those who violate copyrights, eliminate the issue from their arena entirely by changing copyright law such that sharing of music online is no longer a violation of copyright, or do nothing and leave the law alone as it is. Read my report to learn more about the subject and see some recommendations for change.

The Issue of Childhood Obesity in the US

Today one in three children in the US is overweight or obese and that number is estimated to continue rising.  Some studies have even compared the quality of life of severely obese children to the quality of life of a child with cancer!  This is a shocking comparison but shows the potentially devastating effects of childhood obesity.  As society has evolved our lifestyles have changed.  Today people are consuming more calories and physical activity now consists of getting up from the couch to go to the fridge.  Because of this and a host of other factors childhood obesity levels are soaring.  Childhood obesity presents a significant problem because children who are obese are more likely to be obese when they are adults.  Obesity is also linked to numerous chronic health diseases and is related to increasing healthcare costs. The time for the government to act is now before the rates increase further and we reach the point of no return!

Read my report to learn more about the issues with childhood obesity, the causes, the government’s role and recommendations on what can be done.

New York Marcellus Shale Legislation

Fracking has existed as a method of extraction in shale deposits in Texas, Colorado and Wyoming prior to reaching the northeast. Continue reading