Seen as one of today’s most influential social commentators, Arianna Huffington’s background and experience would be sure to lend insight to a number of current issues. Prior to creating the Huffington Post in 2005, Arianna was a well-known figure in social and political spheres as seen during her husband’s bid for a Senate seat in 1994 and her own campaign for the Governor of California against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003. Mrs. Huffington would be an excellent speaker on the topic of technology, as her web based news site has grown to over 200 employees and over a million comments on the site each month, and often has posts dedicated to topics and issues in the tech world. During her tenure with the Huffington Post, the site has grown to be the 82nd biggest website, according to the rankings system. Arianna has also received a number of personal accolades, such as being named to the Time 100, being named 42 in the Guardian’s “Top 100 in Media”, among many others.

Arianna is eloquent, well-educated on a variety of issues, and often infuses witty humor into her speeches. Her speeches are concise and educational; she often pauses after big points to allow them to sink in. She is also very present as a figure in today’s popular culture, as she appeared in TV shows such as Family Guy and was spoofed on Saturday Night Live, so student interest surely be high. If Arianna Huffington were to be brought to our campus, the Bucknell community would not only get to see one of today’s most prominent figures in the technological realm, but someone who is sure to deliver a captivating, funny and eye opening speech.


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  1. cherylngn says:

    I think Arianna Huffington will be an interesting speaker to bring to our campus. It is not very common to see a technology speaker who is a female. Her sense of humor and articulate way of speaking will probably draw attentions and spark some good discussion among the students as well. Moreover, the fact that she has appeared in several TV shows can be another factor to draw the attention of Bucknell students. Also, with her background and influence in the political arena, I think she will provide some very good insights into the link between politics and technology and the degree to which they influence each other.

    • mwh011 says:

      I agree with Cheryl’s point that Arianna’s political background would potentially add some cool insights to her speech outside of simply technology. She seems well-educated on a multitude of topics, so he speech may not be so narrowly focused on technology. I think if we are aiming for a well-rounded speech that would include current events and politics that Arianna might be the best person for that job. However, if the speech is supposed to be solely focused on technology and its impact today, then there are some other really interesting names thrown out like Biz Stone, who seem to have a bigger impact on the tech world.

  2. clairemccardell says:

    I agree that having Arianna Huffington to Bucknell’s campus would make for an extremely interesting lecture due to her numerous experiences and female perspective. In addition to her contribution to technology, Huffington is well-known in other areas such as politics–making her lectures all the more appealing to a wider variety of students. It also seems that her lectures are entertaining by referencing pop culture and incorporating humor, which will further attract students who would already be familiar with her website, the Huffington Post. I think Arianna Huffington would present a unique perspective in the role of technology and how it plays a role within our everyday life.

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