Biz Stone co-founded twitter, has been named by Time Magazine as one of the top most influential people in the world, and has spent his career pioneering new means for creating connections and collaboration between people (“About Biz Stone”).  Biz recently started his own company called The Obvious Corporation which specializes in providing collaborative solutions to their clients.

Biz’s blog made me believe that he would be a good technology speaker for Bucknell.  The blog catalogs interesting studies and projects done in both sciences and social sciences and comments on them insightfully.  In one post, Biz outlines a study in which it is found that Bees are capable of pessimistic judgments after catastrophic events and then comments on similarities to financial markets (“Honeybees and Investors”).  Biz’s thesis is that technology can provide humans the tools to work together to more effectively impact our societies, and that through these collaborations we can create value from which everyone can benefit (“About Biz Stone”).  Twitter is an excellent example of Biz’s thesis coming to fruition because it played a pivotal in the recent power shifts in both Egypt and Tunisia by creating a platform which connected many previously unconnected people.  I find this thesis to be compelling and I think it could be appealing across majors at Bucknell, because of the way it simultaneously addresses technology, business, and social issues.


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  1. idalbello says:

    I personally think if Bucknell landed Biz Stone as a speaker that it would be huge. He has helped develop many social networking sites that either play or have played a large role in people’s lives. He is also a great entrepreneur and could definitely give helpful advice for anyone who is planning on being a entrepreneur.

  2. mwh011 says:

    Biz Stone would be very interesting to hear from since there is a lot of opportunity and controversy surrounding Twitter and its users. For instance, college football coaches are using Twitter and different Twitter-based apps to contact their recruits because the regulations on communication with recruits are much more relaxed via social networking like Twitter. There have also been issues in the sporting world due to Twitter, such as recruits losing their offers due to inappropriate tweets or professional athletes losing sponsorships for the same reason. Young people are starting to realize that their actions no longer go unnoticed, especially in the social networking realm. It is interesting to see how Twitter has evolved into social networking juggernaut and I think it would be cool to hear from Biz Stone about Twitter’s journey and how it got to be so popular. I think because Biz Stone and Twitter are such huge, recognizable names that there would be no problem filling an audience if he were to come to Bucknell.

    • Jordi says:

      Great comments. I find it fascinating to think about whether ti is technology or people that drive these behaviors. In the football recruiting, is the crucial factor that football coaches have incentives to break the spirit of regulations? Or, is it that twitter makes it possible to do so? This blog discusses banning twitter by coaches.

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