Kara Swisher is a highly regarded name in the world of technology journalism. She began writing for the Wall Street Journal over fifteen years ago. Prior to working for WSJ, she worked in journalism with a strong focus on the Internet and policy issues surrounding it. Currently Swisher runs allthingsd.com, a website she created with Walt Mossberg that focuses on technology. AllthingsD (All Things Digital) is the continuation of a series of conferences Swisher and Mossberg run in which they interview major names in tech including Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The conferences are known for their focus on the relationships of media and technology.

After researching Swisher and reading some of her columns, I believe she would be a great snag by Bucknell. The range of her expertise could be helpful for relating to any of the topics she would be brought in to speak about. With her experience relating to Internet policy and more recently social media, I feel that it would be interesting to have her speak on the recent issues surrounding SOPA and Internet censorship. Swisher’s work in technology journalism shows that she would be able to introduce progressive thoughts that challenge the audience.

Finally, I think it is important to note that Swisher is highly regarded for her conferences. This shows that she is an effective public speaker. Her experience with conducting public interviews as well as leading major conferences demonstrates that she would be a thought-provoking and dynamic speaker.


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