Kara Swisher is a technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal and focuses on the impact of technology on the media. In addition to writing for the Wall Street Journal, she also co-hosts and produces a technology conference where she interviews major players in the technology field. Through this conference, she has interviewed such people as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. She also wrote two books on AOL and its dealings with Microsoft and Time Warner.

Due to her knowledge of the technology field through her work writing for the Wall Street Journal and her personal experience speaking with leaders in the technology field, Kara Swisher would be an interesting speaker for the Bucknell campus. She would be able to talk about the effects of technology on the media, since that is her primary focus with her column, and she would be able to discuss where she sees the technology field going based on her dealings with major leaders in the technology field. She would also be able to discuss major events in technology development history due to her experience working with many of the major players involved in those events as well as the research she did writing her two books.


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