What is the value of technology? Kevin Kelly may have the knowledge to answer this perplexing question.  As the founding executive editor of WIRED magazine he is up to speed on everything technology. Not only is his current knowledge valuable, but also equally valuable is his knowledge of the past as Kevin Kelly has been around technology his whole life. This becomes apparent as he used to be an editor and publisher for the Whole Earth Catalog.  Steve Jobs referred to the Whole Earth Catalog as “sort of like Google in paperback form, 35 years before Google came along.”

If Kevin Kelly speaks at Bucknell he will stimulate our thoughts on how technology is forever changing and what to expect in the future. Kelly already spoke to TED on the first 5,000 days of the Internet and what to expect in the next 5,000 days. He is a visionary who possesses vast knowledge of the past. With this knowledge he will be able to speak on how technology has changed his life as well as how it will change ours. Kelly has opened many people’s eyes when in 1994 he wrote a book named Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World. The book inspired the movie The Matrix and was a required reading for the main cast before they even read the script. With many works like this Kelly has foreseen what he believes could be the possible future. With everything being said Kevin Kelly has played an instrumental role in foreseeing the future of technology and would be a magnificent speaker for Bucknell.


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  1. clairemccardell says:

    It sounds like Kevin Kelly would be an extremely valuable speaker for Bucknell students as technology is playing an ever-increasing role in our lives. However, most students don’t remember the birth of the internet and its early days, so having Kelly speak about how the internet has evolved from its creation would be especially interesting. I think students would also enjoy learning about the Whole Earth Catalog and how it was used before Google was created. Overall, I think Kelly’s knowledge of the evolution of technology and the internet, in addition to his predictions for the future, would make for an interesting lecture at Bucknell.

  2. lcs024 says:

    I agree that Kelly sounds like he would be an amazing speaker for the Bucknell community. His revolutionary views on technology and its potential future impact on the world are so interesting. I feel that many students are so used to constantly using the internet and computers in general, they often forget how relatively new all of these technologies are that we have at our fingertips. Kelly could remind us of how the internet came about and its evolving path which led to the modern-day world wide web. It would be fascinating to hear about some of the views he expressed in his book, “Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World” and to listen to some of his theories about what the ever-changing world of technology may have in store for us in years to come.

  3. clr020 says:

    Given his credentials and accomplishments, Kevin Kelly sound like a very interesting speaker. I think it would be valuable to have him speak on the role of the internet in our lives and what the future of the internet is. The internet is something we have all grown very used too. Realizing the future of the internet would be valuable to our generations entrepreneurs.

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