Technology is such an integral part of almost everyone’s lives today that many are hopelessly unaware how online privacy can be virtually nonexistent when the proper protections are not in place.  Thankfully, however, some individuals foresaw this issue and decided to act: Mitchell Kapor co-founded Electronic Frontier Foundation, a firm solely committed to protecting privacy and freedom on the internet. Not only was Kapor innovative in establishing an online privacy foundation in 1990, decades before this issue was fully realized by the masses, but he also founded Lotus 123, a software application which allowed the personal computer to boom just in time for the go-go ’80’s in the business world. Just in case those accomplishments were not enough already, Kapor is also the founding chair of the Mozilla Foundation, the father of Fire Fox, which gives Internet Explorer a run for its money every day of the week.

Bucknell would be extremely lucky to have Mitchell Kapor, an exceptional leader in the technology industry, visit campus to speak.  Hearing about Kapor’s experiences would be inspiring, especially about how his passion for technology developed.  Kapor is clearly someone who understands the possibilities of technology based on all of his wonderful innovations, but he also knows its downsides, such as online privacy invasion.  He would undoubtedly push the Bucknell community to think about technology in ways we have not considered in the past.  He may also offer valuable entrepreneurial insight on how to think outside of the box and imagine how new potential technologies could drastically change society, just as many of his technological efforts have.



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  1. alin01 says:

    With technology advancing at such a fast rate, it would be interesting to be educated and be made aware of the details that come with using an internet site like Facebook or Google. Many people, including myself, just do not think about the legal side when we use the technology. I agree that Mitchell Kapor an excellent speaker to have at Bucknell especially with the recent developments with SOPA and PIPA. He would present a great area to study in which organizations meet ethics.

  2. manderson12 says:

    Mitchell Kapor’s experience with online privacy would make him a very interesting speaker to hear from, especially with the recent debate about PIPA and SOPA. Today’s current situation and how important the internet plays in today’s society would be very much affected by new privacy laws. It would affect every business and completely change how society works. Hearing Kapor’s opinion on the topic would be interesting for anyone to hear.

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