Ray Kurtzweil is an entrepreneur who started his first company at age 20. Mr. Kurzweil would be a very valuable speaker for Bucknell students. A very unique businessman, Kurzweil has a dual bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Literature. I think this is a very interesting combination and is most likely the reason for his incredible success. Hearing from Mr. Kurzweil about the benefits of holding a double degree in a humanity and science subject for a successful business mindset.

Mr. Kurtzweil would also be an interesting speaker for Bucknell students because of his fame and recognition among the business community. He was ranked 8th best entrepreneurs in the US and has received 19 honorary doctorates and honors, three of which were given to him by US Presidents. Hearing about these honors and what Kurzweil did to earn them would be a very unique and valuable experience for us.


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  1. smz006 says:

    I was watching the SuperBowl tonight and saw a commercial where Ray Kurtzweil was featured for his invention that converts words to text on cell phones and other devices. I mentioned that I had read about him for one of my classes and one of my friends commented “that would be so cool to hear him speak”. She then said, “How do you even think of something like that and then create it?” I totally agree, it would be amazing and very insightful to hear about this creative process and how we went about inventing the voice translation device. He is obviously very successful if he is being included in a commercial and I think it would be very interesting to hear him speak.

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