The article starts with a brief discussion of the history of the field of business ethics, and then moves on to discuss various aspects of Business Ethics. In all of the discussions, the article focuses primarily on the academic side of business ethics. It often looks to academics and researchers for definitions of concepts and answers to questions about the field. While it is difficult to analyze business ethics without a strongly academic focus, it would be nice to see more examples of cases and opinions of managers included in the article rather than primarily various arguments made by academics in the field.

As an explanation of the concept of business ethics, the article is well written. It clearly defines and discusses several aspects of business ethics discusses many of the issues involved in defining the field itself. It also discusses some of the criticism that academics have offered to the field of business ethics itself, but again the article does not discuss how managers and others in the business world see the field and how they feel about the opinions of the academics discussed in the article.


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  1. Jordi says:

    I was hoping you would mention something more specific. This post doesn’t say much of anything.

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