With the outbreak of the newest (though I am sure more to come) Kennedy scandal, I took to the internet to look at what people were blogging about and the most recent information that Mimi Alford has told the media.  There is much controversy about whether or not Ms. Alford is lying about her sexual affair with JFK.  However, after reading this blog, I have come to realize that there is far too much attention being focused on the sexual scandal.  I think that the important thing we should all be wondering and recognizing is why do we have to continuously question the integrity of our leaders?

I think this is a particularly important question with regard to the current political campaigns occurring.  It would be naive to say that the USA has never had a perfect candidate for president.  There is no such thing as perfect and no president can please everyone.  However, it is daunting and almost defeating to reflect on the leaders of our country.  One of our very successful presidents, Bill Clinton, had an affair with one of his interns.  While I recognize that humans are flawed, it is disappointing to see these scandalous acts from our country’s leaders.  Scandalous accusations aside, I find it disappointing that there are no inspirational and successful leaders in our country.  Some could say that 3 years ago Obama was an inspiration and somewhat of a phenomenon.  But look at his track record…35 months straight and our unemployment rate is still at an 8%.  You turn to the republican candidates and you see them tearing each other apart.  They aren’t campaigning so that they stand out, they are campaigning to take each other out.  When you think of leaders you think of the classic presidents: Abraham Lincoln, FDR, and Ronald Reagan.  Yet now we see candidates at each other’s throats, in the middle of sex scandals, and failing miserably.  Where is that inspirational leader we once had?  Where is our FDR? Is the world too chaotic, too complex, too disorganized to be fixed solely by a new inspirational leader?  Why are all of our candidates and leaders surrounded by controversy?

JFK is just another leader that I find to be disappointing and an insufficient leader.  The problem isn’t the scandal, the problem is that someone with those morals and characteristics was our leader.  Perhaps I am being too pessimistic but I sometimes wonder if we will ever have a leader that we can once again be proud of, that we can talk about with pride, someone that shows results.


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  1. Jordi says:

    What blog from our list inspired this post? If it wasn’t one, can you go backwards and find one that dives deeper into some of the questions you pose. Possibilities not on our list: Andrew Sullivan, David Frum, Truth Out, Daily Kos…

  2. Scout Berger says:

    While maybe a little bit of a stretch, I was mainly inspired by the blog “Trust Matters.” I have recently been tuning into the presidential candidates and reading about the JFK scandal. It is of the utmost importance for there to be trust in businesses. The consumers need to trust the business, the employees need to trust their peers, the employees need to trust the executives and the executives must trust one another. All of these people must trust others to be honest but also to make moral decisions. Just like a business, I believe that we need to trust our leaders. It is of the utmost importance. While “Trust Matters” is primarily directed at business, I believe it applies to far more than businesses. It applies to our every day lives and I see our leaders and the country they run as a business.

  3. KCasty says:

    I find it sad that each time I hear of a politician caught up in a sex scandal or sexual harassment accusation, I am anything but surprised. I can’t help but conclude that the “I can do anything” attitude of these politicians has to do with the power that these politicians hold. Whatever the cause, it is sickening to me how frequently these scandals come to light, and, as you said Scout, how immoral America’s leaders are.

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