For this week’s post I visited The Social Media Marketing blog and read about how airlines and airports are jumping on the social media bandwagon. I chose this article because my oldest sister’s job is managing social media for her company and I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the need for all companies to use social media. The post also highlighted how even now when traveling, people stay connected and remain dependent on their technology. I had to chuckle at this because for better or worse I am this person. I will be watching a show on my laptop while playing a game on my iPad while texting a friend on my iPhone and I expect to be able to do this while traveling. When I was abroad if I didn’t have room to bring my laptop I felt like I was leaving behind a child. So in a sense i felt like this article was speaking to me. This post explains how social media allows companies to be more customer centric. This is absolutely true, communication between customer and company is easy with social media and, I believe, that it also gives the company more of a “face”. For my marketing class I did a project on Chipotle and wrote on Chipotle’s Facebook, within 10 minutes I had a message from “Chipotle”  asking me how they could help me with my school project. Simple contacts like this tremendously increase brand loyalty. I saw a similar situation on Facebook where I follow the actor who plays Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter (nerd alert!). He was traveling to the states on British Airways with his dog and he tweeted to the airline asking them to take care of his precious pet. Within moments British Airways had tweeted back at him saying that his dog was in safe hands. Not only does this boost loyalty, Draco then retweeted what British Airways said which meant that his thousands of followers now knew that British Airways is a caring airlines. That is the power of social media and if a company does it right it can be extremely beneficial but, it can also be extremely damaging if a customer has a bad reaction. This article mentions how social media can aid companies to deal with upset customers. A customer can easily complain via social media. There is no awkward face to face or even phone call but just type a couple words and you are good to go. However, even though it might be easier for customers to complain it is easier to do damage control. A study found that people 75% of people were satisfied by the companies responses to their complaints.

Social media has become a powerful tool create more valued and intimate relationships between companies and customers and airline and airports are now finally realizing this potential.

While airports and airlines are joining the social media world, they are also making sure that you never have to leave it. It is now unacceptable for an airport to not have any form of wi-fi and at many airports its free. I have even been on a plane with wi-fi! I can only imagine that in a few years wi-fi will become normal on planes allowing all customers to tweet, pin, or post while airborne. This is great news for people like me who are perhaps a little too iProduct dependent.


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  1. Scout Berger says:

    I think this is hands down the most interesting blog post I have read thus far (5 stars for Brooke!) I have always found social media fascinating. Is is detrimental or is it beneficial? There is no sound answer to this question because frankly, social media can be both.

    I was in New York City this past weekend and on my train ride home this evening I looked around the train at the passengers and everyone seemed to be tapping away furiously on their iPhones and their iPads. Low and behold, I looked down in my lap and I am using my iPhone to listen to music and have my Facebook application open. There is no question that social media has taken a tremendous turn in the past decade. However, there is debate about whether or not this change has been for the better or for the worse. Ask the girl that accidentally posted inappropriate pictures on Facebook and she will tell you that social media is destructive and a violation of privacy. Then again, if you ask someone like Brooke if she thinks social media is beneficial, she will recall her experience with Chipotle/Facebook. There is no definitive answer whether or not this outbreak of social media is a good thing; frankly, it depends on the day. Sometimes I feel that I rely too heavily on my technology and social media websites. I will be the first to admit that I am way too dependent on Facebook. it is for this reason that I have not yet created a Twitter account. However, Facebook has been a great way to network.

    To be blunt, I think the people that find social media networks (such as Facebook) to be an invasion of privacy are usually the people that aren’t responsible with their information. It common sense not to post not to post incriminating photographs. At this point in time, we have heard far too many stories of students not getting into colleges or people not being hired because of incriminating photographs or information posted on Facebook. If people are going to be irresponsible with their profiles than I believe that they should face the consequences if they so arise. However, one thing that I do believe is a genuine problem with social media is the fact that it seems to take over our lives to an extent that we are communicating less. I admit that I am on Facebook far too often yet I can’t seem to stop logging on every couple of hours to see if I have any new notifications.

    My iPhone recently broke and I was without out it for a couple of days. It is embarrassing to admit but I felt so disconnected from the world without my phone. I would see everyone texting on their phones and felt like I was missing out. Then I started to realize and notice how much everyone else relied on their phones to communicate. Suddenly, now that I didn’t have a phone, I would actually communicate with people face to face. When I had a question, I couldn’t immediately open my iPhone, click on safari, and look up the answer. I was forced to pause and think. It was an intriguing experience.

    • Jordi says:

      Did you give her five stars then?!?!?

    • Jordi says:

      I fail to see the logic when you and so many others say something like this: we are all communicating so much more with social media that we are becoming less social or more isolated. You have just defined being MORE communicative which would seem to me to be the definition of social or connected.

  2. Jordi says:

    Look for “I” in your post. Also, I’d say “customer-centric.”

    Also: “A study found that people 75% of people were satisfied by the companies responses to their complaints.”?

    LOL. “While airports and airlines are joining the social media world, they are also making sure that you never have to leave it.” Never leave the airport? You are sick and twisted.

  3. Jordi says:

    I can imagine a great follow up post from your last line.

    “Independence or iDependence?”

    Not sure what it says, but I love the title.

  4. hannahglos says:

    You make a great point saying that social media has taken over our lives. We are all guilty of being attached to our technology and hate to go a day without it. Recently some of my friends were joking around and asked ourselves “if you woke up in a burning building, what would be the first thing you would grab as you ran out?” Most people said their phone–its their number one way to stay connected with the world. While I think it has gotten out of hand at most much we depend on technology and how it discourages face to face interaction, I can’t deny the usefulness of it. Through technology and social media, we are able to become more aware of the things going on around us on a daily basis and we become exposed to things and ideas that we otherwise wouldn’t perhaps have heard of. I think the part you mentioned about Draco Malfoy re-tweeting about the airline is interesting, because ideally, that is any company’s goal: to have a famous celebrity with thousands of followers mention good things about you. Of course this can be turned the other way and you can have horrible things said about you, but as some people believe, there’s no such thing called bad publicity!

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