Greetings class! The second meeting of the weekly Blog Council met this afternoon. You all posted wonderful blogs, which made it really difficult for us to decide which ones should be acknowledged. After intense discussions and much deliberation (with essentially no time to spare), we made our finals decisions. Below are the results:

The Best Post Award goes to Cheryl (What if you read 21 books about the financial crisis)

The Most Provocative Proposal goes to Paul (Don’t know much about history)

The Best Title Award had two winners: Zach (License and registration, please) and Ian (Imagine taking a class the size of Sacramento)

The Most Improved Award goes to Mike (Lack of Entrepreneurial education at Universities)

On top of deciding this week’s awards, we decided to create a contest. On the top of our blog, there are three headings (home, about, and inspirations). There is currently no description in the “about” section. Between now and Sunday, anyone can post a draft of what should be our class’s “about section.” The WINNER (determined by the next BC) will get a “pass” on a week of blogging (no post, no comments, nothing)! We hope that some people will chose to participate in this contest.

To participate:

1) Create an about page from the dashboard.  Save it as a “draft.”

2) Do this by your blog date…next Sunday.

3)  Make it both accurate AND interesting.

Once again, congratulations to this week’s award winners!




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