Immediately after reading this week’s prompt, I knew I wanted to look into Johnson & Johnson and their commitment to their credo. The company’s mission statement has received worldwide recognition and basically states its commitment to put the “needs and well-being of the people [they] serve first” (written by General Robert Wood Johnson in 1943 and has remained the company’s guiding philosophy).  I was curious to look deeper into the company’s history and structure to see if this credo is truly upheld or merely an unattainable standard, and I’m please to say that it appears that the company does in fact embody its mission statement. Looking at the company timeline, I noticed that ever since 1900 Johnson & Johnson was active in responding to national disasters by providing money and resources to those affected. In 1990, the company responded with aid to the hurricane in Galveson, TX, and in 1906 Johnson & Johnson was provided the most aid of any organization to the victims of the San Francisco earthquake. Beyond disaster relief operations, J&J has promoted safe health care practices, such as publishing First Aid Manuals in 1901 that feature proven best practices by leading physicians, or educating surgeons on the importance of sterilization to eliminate post-surgery infection.

But perhaps what I found most encouraging was J&J’s founding partnership role in Safe Kids Worldwide, which was the first national (and later global) campaign to reduce accidental childhood injury. By 2008, the campaign helps reduce unintentional injury in children ages 14 & under in the US by 45%–an amazing accomplishment. Johnson & Johnson is a company that both produces and embodies products to directly aid others, and has maintained this standard since its creation.


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  1. Jordi says:

    But why do you care about J&J? Are you a fan of their products?

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