While some would argue that globalization has eliminated domestic jobs and led to unfair labor practices abroad, globalization has also led to the expansion of several industries. When companies first started majorly expanding their operations abroad, they needed a system to ship their products from the factories that produced them to the stores that will sell them. This need led to a huge boom for shipping businesses. One business, DHL, received a particularly large boost in business as a result of the move towards globalization. Since DHL was built on the idea that international shipping would be their primary area of business, DHL would not be able to survive without a globalized world. Due to the rapid growth of globalization starting in the 1960’s DHL and similar companies were able to expand greatly and generate large profits by essentially handling international logistics for other large companies.


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  1. I wonder if they ever thought of what would happen if globalization seized to exist? I am not entirely sure as to how they are doing, but I would image it would a down year for them considering the European and American recessions happening right now. It seems that this pattern should continue on, as more countries will seem to want to localize instead to help boost their own economy before entering the exporting business. The article that I wrote about in regards to Lithuania’s economic crises, the authors suggested that in order to eliminate the trade imbalance they would need to begin improving on their exporting. I wonder if this was to become true, how would the DHL company make it out in those harsh times.

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