Global warming has been on the forefront of almost every political debate and every activists cause. People all over the world are racing to come up with a solution to global warming by curtailing CO2 admissions. Some people say the best way is put a cap on developed countries admissions. I completely disagree with this though. Why punish the successful people by harming their production? So what if I want two cars, I worked hard to be able to buy two cars. It is not fair to tell me I need to change my lifestyle because it is harming our environment.

Scientists are finding evidence that one of the biggest causes of global warming is actually human respiration. It was initially thought that our breathing out CO2 was counteracted perfectly by plant’s photosynthesis. Because of this our CO2 was not taken into consideration as it is part of a natural closed-loop cycle. However due to skyrocketing birth rates and uneven death rates, coupled with deforestation the balance is off. We are producing more CO2 than plants can photosynthesis; thus, increasing CO2 admissions. In conclusion, scientists have found that it is not me owning 2 cars and several vacation homes that is causing global warming but rather increasing population. They say that by 2050 the world population will have increased by 40%. This growth will not be seen and developed countries like the USA but in developing countries. So I say lets nip this problem at the source, I’m talking about you India and China.

The most effective way to remedy this situation is to implement a one child policy in all developing countries.China was really onto something with their one child policy. Granted it did lead to a slew of “invisible children” and an unbalanced gender generation, but hey, its slowing down their population growth. If we could get countries like India (who average three kids per family) onboard we could see a difference. However this may not be enough, what would be ideal is if we could raise the death rate. A way to do this without “pulling the trigger” would be to cut out all health care and medicine in these countries as well. Let the people in these countries die of natural causes. The life expectancy in India is now 67! Most of these people would have dies long ago if medicine hadn’t intervened.

People keep saying we need to get serious about global warming. So let’s do it! Let’s attack this problem at two angles. By decreasing birthrates and increasing death rates we can begin to see CO2 level drop and finally stop worrying about global warming. Come on guys, let’s save the world!

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  1. Scout Berger says:

    I thought this was a really well written post. It is provocative, controversial, and also manages to get to the root of some serious problems. Years ago people would have laughed at the idea of implementing a “one child” rule. Yet China broke the boundaries and actually tried to implement this. At the time it probably seemed absurd but now…not so much. All of these modest proposals we have blogged about seem outrageous but how do we know that we won’t some day follow through with them when once upon a time a preposterous “one child rule” was implemented.

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