Great Job!

Hey Class! First off, it’s great to see all the great posts coming in! It’s making it that much harder for the Blog Council to give out awards as we have a plethora of awards this week. The results are as follows:

The Best Post goes to Connie (GlobaLINzation: The Jeremy Lin Saga) and congrats for getting 16 5 star votes!

Best Title is shared between Brooke (Who Needs Break Milk When You Have Coca-Cola?) for most eye-catching title and Scout (Themed Mixer? Walmart comes to the rescue!) for the most eye-catching title for a Bucknellian.

Honorable Mention for Fascinating Post went to Lindsay (Since When did China become the Exploiter and not the Exploitee)

Next we have some special awards for individuals that displayed great writing or creativity:

Alex (Globalization and the future) For choosing a great graphic

Marko (Globalization at its best): Most like a piece of fudge… dense… to the point

Mike (The New “Skynet”): Obscure geek movie Sci-Fi reference (Terminator 1984)

Marc (Made in China, Feared by US): Only one to refer to politics in an election year

Paul (Dominasian): Most hilarious unintentional reference.  Google the book title.  NSFW.

Tomas (Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of a Globalization Storm): Globalization hits home 🙂

Zach (I counted all the Streets in Banjul on Google Maps): Made us want to read on!

Congratulations to all the winners! We hope to see this many awards next week as well.

Also, please proofread your posts before submitting! We found many mistakes that could be easily solved through proofreading. Secondly, when posting a graphic please try to leave a Caption under it. Thank you!

Don't make me call these guys!


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