Global warming has become one of the biggest issues in the 21st century.  Temperatures all over the world are rising and the weather is becoming more inconsistent.  Experts have been calling for massive changes in how we live our daily lives otherwise the situation will get worse.  I have heard talk that if the polar ice caps were to completely melt, New York City would be completely underwater.  Now this could be seen as a huge problem or it could be a new opportunity for civilization to live in a new location!

Obviously experts have lists of millions of things we could be doing to slow down or halt global warming.  These include not wasting so much electricity by switching off lights and using our AC more sparingly as well as walking or biking places instead of using transportation that emits harmful gases.  However getting people to change their ways is difficult and some people just plain don`t care or don`t want to change.  So instead of trying to fight against global warming maybe we should just accept that it is going to happen at some point and we need to come up with a plan B.

Since the water will be rising onto land that is currently inhabited, we should just move our cities into the water.  Let’s live under the sea!  We could set up whole cities on the ocean floor, like in the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire.  The cities would have a huge protective bubble over them that would allow everyone to live and breathe without needing oxygen masks all the time.   All our worries about destroying the planet with pollution would not matter because once the situation became too bad on land, we would move into the ocean.  Once under the water we would not have to worry about the sun’s harmful UV rays because they would not make it through all the water separating the ocean floor and the surface.  The rising temperatures would also not be a problem because the water would help keep things cool and again the temperature in the ocean drops significantly the deeper down in the ocean you go.  To travel around from city to city aka from “bubble to bubble” we would use submarines.

Obviously there would be lots of logistical issue we would need to sort out for example: how to build the bubbles.  As well as how to get everyone, all their things and everything we need to live transported to the ocean floor, but once we have figured all that out I think it would be a good solution.  Plus who knows if this will even affect us in our lifetime or not, so instead of having our scientists trying to solve global warming lets embrace it and have them figure how we can all live under the sea!*

*I don’t really think we should stop trying to solve the global warming issue; I was just going along with it for this post.  I think global warming is a large issue and we need to come up with feasible solutions to stop us from actually having to think of other solutions, like living in the ocean!

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  1. KCasty says:

    Nice disclaimer at the bottom, and way to see the positive of such a daunting issue! 🙂 (We know you aren’t making light of the situation, all part of the fun of this post topic!)

  2. Alex Lin says:

    This post reminds me of the movie Waterworld. But instead of floating and searching for land, technology has advanced enough that people can live underwater. I wonder what would will happen first, living underwater or living on the moon?

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