I don’t know about you, but when the sun is shining through the window of my Swartz single in the morning, I am far more inclined to get out of bed and start my day than when the sky is covered in dark storm clouds and sheets of rain and ice are pelting my window.  It is a known fact that the weather can have a serious impact on individuals’ mental well-being, as evidenced by Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression common among people living in darker, colder climates.  The great news is that global warming brings more sun and warm weather, which makes people happy!!  The question is, how can we channel this increased level of happiness to find a solution to global warming?

My thought is: we should spend more money!!  Who doesn’t like shopping for warm weather clothes?  Everyone likes a nice pair of shorts or a pastel colored polo, and with global warming, the season for which these clothes are appropriate is rapidly expanding!  You know what this means, FLIP-FLOP SHOPPING SHOULD HAVE STARTED IN MID-JANUARY!!  Time to hit up the stores.  It’s unseasonably warm out and the sun has been shining for ten days straight; you are not thinking rationally you just know you couldn’t be happier and whose worrying about strict budgets right now?  That would be nobody.  It’s time to spend like you’ve never spent before!

This increase in consumption is going to have another very positive result for us all: the economy will be on the rise!  Everyone knows that a country’s GDP is an essential indicator of its economic state and GDP can be calculated by adding up total consumption.   When it is dreary and grey outside, everyone is thinking pessimistically.  Thoughts of maxed our credit cards and underwater mortgages come to mind.  On the contrary, when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, people are in happy states and when they pass the mall, they are inclined to park and start shopping!  This will especially be the case given people need to shift their wardrobes to be more warm weather focused rather than cold weather focused.  This increase in consumption will cause GDP to skyrocket!

Now that the government is going to have lots of money on its hands from all of these tax revenues from flip flop sales, they can invest in the greatest minds in the world to figure out how to solve this global warming crisis!  Plus, this increase in sunshine may even make people’s minds sharper!  So the extremely intelligent scientists who would normally be working on a solution to global warming may become even smarter from increased sun exposure and therefore more likely to think of a solution faster!


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