Congratulations to everyone this week!  These were the most entertaining blog posts we have had yet.  Even Jordi said that he gave out more 5 stars than usual.

Now for the awards….

The best overall blog goes to “Natural Disaster, Natural Solutions”–Marc

Most controversial blog goes to “Sorry White People”–Paul

Most absurd title goes to “The Power of Cow Flatulence”–Connie

Best one liner goes to “You’ll Never Catch Me Coppers” for the sentence “Another negative is that coffee shops and doughnut shops will see a drop in sales”–Ian

Most anti-Mr. Rogers goes to “Kids on Steroids”–Marko

Funniest blog goes to “Pass the Scotch Daddy!”–Mike

The best blog that doesn’t sound so bad goes to “Life Would be Better Under the Sea”–Sarah

The blog most related to the Bucknell Bubble goes to “Addition by Subtraction”–Zach

Shout out to “Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Doctors, But What They Can Do for Themselves…”–Jim

Most from the mind of Dr. Evil goes to “Population Control”–Carson


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