If I can choose one city to go back in time and visit it would definitely be the great city of Alexandria. The city was founded by Alexander The Great in 331 BC.

This famous city was built on the strip of land which separates the Mediterranean from Lake Mareotis. Founded personally by Alexander The Great, the city soon became the center of ancient knowledge and architecture. Within the century of its founding, Alexandria architectures and splendorous rivaled anything known in the ancient world. Alexander’s personal architect, Dinocrates, was entitled with the quest that the city incorporates the best of Hellenic planing and architecture.

One of the most important structures in Alexandria was built around 300 BC and it is the Royal Library of Alexandria. This ancient library was considered the largest and most significant library of the ancient world. The Royal Library remained the main source of knowledge and enlightenment until 48 BC when Julius Caesar “accidentally” burned down the entire library down.   

Another significant structure was The Pharos of Alexandria. Built in 280 BC, this ancient lighthouse was located on an island in the harbor of Alexandria and was as high as 40-story building. At the time of its creation, Pharos was the tallest building on the world. You will admit, pretty impressive for the ancient builders. Beside, its architectural elegance, Pharos also had a practical use – to ensure sailor’s safe return home. Later, the Pharos of Alexandria was named as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.



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  1. Hannah says:

    This somewhat goes along with what I wrote, especially about the Royal Library. I mentioned in mine about how I would like to go back and learn the concrete factual history, rather than just inferences that we have dug up in the modern age. The Royal Library had vast amounts of knowledge, and while I’m sure that we already know about much of the stuff and events that was housed in the library, I’m also sure that there is probably sooooo much that we don’t know about that the library once held the answer to. Again, I’m weirdly addicted to this kind of stuff and will probably be searching for docunemtaries about thsi, but hey, it gets me hooked.

  2. Jordi says:

    Why would he burn it down? Oh, to see the scrolls. This speaks to my heart. To know what the Greeks really wrote. To uncover lost knowledge. Wow.

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