As I’m sitting here back at Bucknell doing homework, I find this post particularly depressing. Only just a few days ago I was sun soaked on the ocean with a cold beer in my hands. Now I am sitting on an old couch in dirty living room with no beer in my hand doing homework. Initially when I thought about this question I thought of just being back on spring break but I realize that it would lead to a boring post. My second thought was to be back in Colorado where the mountains have been get pounded with snow. I would love a few days skiing but I still thought I wasn’t being creative enough. If there was no issue of money or impossibilities what would I do, where would I go and how would I spend my time. The answer hit me pretty quickly, what did I dedicate a solid 13 years of my life too? Harry Potter. 

ImageFor those of you who don’t know me well, I am slightly addicted to Harry Potter. I was the weird freshman girl who hung up my Harry Potter trading cards on my desk. (Did I even try to make friends? Shout out to Tomas, you friended me!) Anyways, I could challenge anyone to Harry Potter competition and know I would win. Ask me for the Gryffindor password during the winter time in book four, “Fairy Lights”. So now you know why I would go to Hogwarts but not the amazing things that I would do there.

FIrst (I am assuming a wand will be handed to me at Hogwarts and I do not have to go to Diagon Alley) I will cast a basic spell such as “veraverto” to turn an animal into an average goblet. After I have mastered that I would go onto bigger and better things, mostly charms and transfigure spells. I would love to learn the basics of the Defense Against the Dark Arts but I am hoping I won’t get into too much action while I’m there and won’t have to use them! I would then travel to the great hall with the magic changing ceiling and the floating candles. I would love to come for a meal where my food just instantly appears in front of me. That in itself could be a dream come true! Food that magically appears wowie! My next course of action would be to fly on a broomstick. I feel like I would be naturally good at this because who hasn’t practiced flying on a broom in their backyard?! I would take the broom over the lake and go low enough where my toes would graze the water below. I would then fly to the Quidditch field where I would participate in a Quidditch game. I would politely ask Harry if I could play the seeker and if he wouldn’t mind sitting out for a bit. 

I just want to explain in my world Voldamort does not exist and Hogwarts remains blissfully happy. It is also a late spring day with beautiful weather.


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  1. Mike says:

    haha this would definitely be my second choice. Just two days ago I was watching the Order of the Phoenix with a friend when he confessed to me how obssessed he is with Harry Potter. He uncomfortably admitted to reading every book in one sitting when they were released and became severly depressed after finishing each one. He told me he was upset because 1) he finished the book and he had to wait for the next one and 2) he wished he could live in their world as a wizard. He continued on if he would be Harry Potter with all the fame, yet all the pressure, stress, and life-threatening events. Although I was astonished at this new discovery of his weird nerdiness (no offense Brooke), I have to agree that being capable of flying on a broomstick and casting spells on people would be a very fun life – minus *Voldemort* (spelled with an ‘e’) of course. Sorry for calling you out but you asked for it with your Harry Potter Competition challenge.

  2. Sounds fantastic! I was never really able to get into the Harry Potter series, I read the first couple books and saw some of the movies but found that I would forget important parts of the story in the periods between book releases (similar to the show, Lost–I could hardly keep track of everything from one week to the next let alone across seasons). I’ve been meaning to sit down and read all of them through now that they’re all released, and your description of Hogwarts (minus Voldemort) sounds pretty cool, my only complaint would be that it fails to escape the whole academic aspect, and frankly I don’t know how good I would be with a wand.

  3. Scout Berger says:

    What I think is the greatest part about this post is that you don’t have to be a Harry Potter lover to want to go to Hogwarts. While personally I have absolutely loved every book and movie, I know that there are plenty of people out there that do not. No matter where you stand on the matter, I find it hard to believe that someone wouldn’t relish and seize the opportunity to perform magic. If someone handed me an ordinary broom and told me that with it I could fly, you can be damn sure that I would take that opportunity. The whole point of the Harry Potter series is to immerse yourself in a different world…something besides reality. The best part about being able to visit Hogwarts is that the choices are endless. If you you have read the books you will realize that there are more spells and enchantments than you can imagine. From a giggling spell, to invisibility, any type of magic is possible. So if I were to visit Hogwarts I would want to try something different that cannot be done in the real world. For example, in reality, all you need to do is tickle someone to make them giggle, therefore, I probably wouldn’t actually spend my time casting a giggling spell while I was visiting Hogwarts.

    All in all I think that visiting Hogwarts could make you feel like a child again and believe in magic. It is another world and the options and limitless.

  4. brookeparker16 says:

    I am terribly embarrassed and sorry about spelling VoldEmort wrong. I am very ashamed of myself right now. 😦

  5. Hannah says:

    One of the greatest t hings about Harry Potter is that the world if wizardy allows us to live in a world that is completely unreachable and unattainable, but one in which you can imagine doing pretty much the coolest things ever. I’m really lazy and don’t like moving once I’m in a comfortable position, so the summoning charm would be perfect for times like this. One potential cool thing about Voldemort existing though is that perhaps everyone at Hogwarts would be more inclined to succeed and learn more magic in an attempt to destroy him? It worked for Harry, so maybe it would have a similar effect on other people?

  6. Lindsay S. says:

    This does sound very blissful! I feel the world of Hogwarts that J.K. Rowling creates in the Harry Potter series is so appealing, minus the evil Voldemort as you mentioned. There is something so comforting and safe about Hogwarts that comes through in her writing, and I think this relates a lot to the fact that it was Harry’s first real home.

  7. Jordi says:

    Happy Hogwarts? BORING. When would you go? After he-who-must-be-named’s fall? Or before? What is Harry’s adult job? Did he become an Auror? The economy of Wizardom seems awfully heavily slated towards the ministry. It seems like 50% of the adults work there.

    What kinds of threats or dangers exist post book7?

  8. Jordi says:

    😮 Ok, you may now the password, but you FAIL, FAIL on a key piece of magical knowledge. The food does not appear out of “no where.” The enslaved house elfs make it. Moreover, you can not conjure up food and water using transfiguration. Hermione explains it somewhere. Those categories are of limits. Some sort of law of conservation of mass.

    Convenient detail Rowling adds which also explains why Mrs. Weasley spends so much time in the kitchen when when it would be easier to do a pizza spell ever dinner.

  9. […] factually accurate post goes to Brooke for ‘arry Potter has come to Hogwarts.  Food doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, Brooke! You should know […]

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