As much as I enjoy living in a massive city (Los Angeles), I also enjoy some peace and quiet – particularly when it involves the beach and a tropical island.

Hawaii is known to most tourists as great weather, tropical beaches and massive resorts. While a good portion of the state is exactly like that, there are areas where the commercialized influence hasn’t yet infiltrated. One of those areas is the North Shore of Oahu. The North Shore is still the undeveloped landscape that all of Hawaii used to be, for as famous as it is for its world class surf it is locally known for the locals that will take extremes to prevent their home from being destroyed. Granted, there are areas that have become tourist havens. Turtle Bay is a classic example. But there are still plenty of quiet places on the North Shore that represent what old Hawaii was all about.

Personally, if I could do two activities for the rest of my life I would choose golfing and surfing. To get that combo, there is no better place than Hawaii. There are great surf spots on nearly every beach, and top ranked golf courses right on the cliffs – not to mention terrific weather. I could be entertained at a place like that forever. Something like this would be ideal, with the backyard opening out to a beach.

Whenever I’ve been in Hawaii, I’ve loved it with one exception. I didn’t like how many people there were. My favorite trips were always when we stayed with friends who live in a house on the beach in a quiet town, because as much as I do love the city I don’t expect Hawaii to feel the same way. It has a unique draw for me, I guess.

I would not choose to live there permanently, however. Instead, along with 3 or 4 of my closest friends I would go live in a decent sized house on the North Shore for a year.  As much as I do love the relaxed feel of the place, I believe I would eventually miss the city. So I’d make it a year, and just spend a year surfing, golfing, hanging out on the beach and not worrying about everyone else’s issues. One condition that I’ll make for this is that I would not have to deal with the locals pushing us around. It would be as though I had lived there forever. Realistic? Maybe not, but it is in this dream. Aloha.


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