When reading the prompt for this weeks blog I thought of what it would be like to go all the way back into time to the caveman era. But then instantly flipped my idea to the opposite spectrum and see how the world would end. Both sides interest me because on one side you would have humans in the most basic form. But on the other side you’d have a very advanced and critical thinking human. The point would be to see how far our species has advanced and grown throughout the millenniums.

The beginning of time interested me because how awesome would it be to go all the way back to time to interact with the first humans. Also see Earth in its most natural form would be breathtaking. It would be phenomenal to see how humans interact with each other as well as their surroundings.  I would have so many questions about their lives and how they lived. They were known as hunter-gatherers, but did they build homes? If so what were they made of? Did they migrate back and forth like animals today or just become nomads roaming the planet? What did they value most? Were they critical thinkers or just mindless people doing what they could to survive?

Cavemen aren't all bad are they?

We would be able to fully understand humans at their most pure form. Not ones that live in a world with laws and propaganda that sway our natural instincts. We’d also begin to understand how people communicated before official written and spoken languages. Also seeing the problems that they faced back in the beginning and comparing them to the problems that we would see at the end of the world.

The end of the world interested me because even though it’s grim, it would be very enlightening to know what we did wrong, if anything, to destroy our planet. There have been thousands of ideas of how the world is going to end from nuclear war to the sun engulfing us to zombie apocalypses. All of these things terrify us and with the Mayan calendar coming to an end you see more and more doomsday movies coming out playing on people’s emotions. By traveling to the end and hopefully time traveling back before it completely ends I would be able to obviously see the main problem, but as well as see what people were like in the future. Are they like all the science fiction movies or is it pretty similar to life today? What kinds of problems do they have and where did they derive from? But most importantly, if what ended the human race was a choice made by us.

Hopefully the world doesn't end like this.

With the information from opposite spectrums it would be interesting to see not only the evolution of humans, but also see how complex we have made our lives compared to the past. For example the invention of cars and airplanes have totally changed our lives. We can now leave any part of the world and arrive at the total opposite side in about a day. Compared to the past where it would take months if not years to leave this country and that’s without crossing an ocean. But with this miracle of transportation we are now concerned about the amount of oil left and who gets control over it. There have been wars started over it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more to come. So even though transportation has definitely improved our lives. It has also added a new problem that could lead to the world ending. My question to all of you would be do you think even with all the technology and enhancements that make our life “easier” do you think life is simpler? Or with each great innovation are we adding more problems down the road that weren’t considered?


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  1. scoutberger says:

    I also think that this would be a very cool thing to experience. I think if I had to pick out of the two I would like to see the beginning rather than how the world ends. Unless I had the ability to help prevent the world from ending, I think it would be too depressing to have to watch the end of everything we know and love. However, just to fulfill my own curiosity, I would love to go back in time. There are so mysteries that haven’t ever been answered. I have always been very taken with the concept of the stonehenges. These are massive stones that have clearly been designed to be placed on top of one another but we have absolutely no idea how this could have possibly been done.

    I feel like going back in time is a little bit like being a fly on the wall. You could witness things that no one else has. Put rumors to rest, get facts straight etc. There are so many theories and it would be amazing to actually have answers. Imagine if you could see who really fired the first shot at Lexington during the Revolutionary War?

    The only difficulty I foresee in going into the past and gaining answers is that you would have no way to come back to the present time and prove it. Sure you could have cameras and videos but who would believe you? People would say that it was fake or edited. Furthermore, some people like to create their own theories about how the world was created, or why things are the way they are. Some people don’t want answers. However, I would personally love to go back in time and solve the many mysteries of the world.

    • Connie says:

      Ooh, you brought up some interesting ideas that I’d like to explore! I think it would be so fascinating to see how certain major events actually transpired compared to how we’ve learned about them in history courses. I found this great article on Cracked.com that discusses “5 Fictional Stories You Were Taught in History Class,” like Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride (http://www.cracked.com/article_18755_5-fictional-stories-you-were-taught-in-history-class.html)! Therefore, I think it’d be cool to do something like Sarah talked about her in blog about traveling to all the different countries, but with all these famous historical events. Who knows what secrets await us!

  2. Jim says:

    This was a really cool idea and one that I don’t think would have occurred to me. Thinking about it now though, I think you are right that this could be a facinating trip. I am particularly intrigued by your comment about seeing humans in their “pure” form. It would be neat to visit humans before language and large societies and try to identify the origins of things like altruism or emotions that we consider basic in our society. Overall this was an awesome idea.

  3. Paul Martin says:

    I think I’m with Ian on this one and would choose to experience the end of the world rather than the beginning. I also tend to agree with the final question he posed; it seems to me that we are creating more problems for ourselves than we are fixing. People long ago certainly didn’t have to deal with possibilities of global warming or nuclear holocausts. Also, I just think it would be pretty awesome to be around for the end of days. Everyone has to die, might as well go out with a bang.

  4. Zach says:

    Going back in time would be really eye opening. Think about this: the internet was created about 30 years ago. The very platform that we are using to discuss these ideas didn’t even exist for part of our parents generation. To me, this seems almost unfathomable. It is something that has been engrained in basically everything we do and has changed the way we live. If life has changed that much in just a third of a decade, I can’t really wrap my head around how much things have changed over thousands of years. It would certainly help to put the world in which we live in perspective.

  5. Mike M says:

    As I mentioned in my post, I also think it would be very fascinating to be able to go back in time and see the development of early humans. I think I could learn a lot about modern people by seeing how early humans developed and first learned to cooperate and live together.

  6. Jordi says:

    What film is the sci fi one?

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