Okay, not Sparta specifically, but how about anything in ancient Greece? I have had this really weird obsession with anything related to ancient Greece and easily get entranced and addicted to stories about history.  I’m creepily fascinated by the general way that people lived during this time and would have loved to witness it firsthand. So why not travel back to the time when Greece and Sparta were in a constant state of war, everyone worshipped the same mythical Gods, and we can see how Troy actually fell?

I think one of the coolest things about going back into ancient Greece is that there would be so much history that you can uncover. Yeah its true that these people wrote their stories down in different ways for us to find them, but only so much can be uncovered from excavating ancient cites and analyzing artifacts. We could find out the detailed specifics of all the wars, and what actually happened. For all we know, everything that we have uncovered and presumed can be completely wrong.  Like all those movies that have been made after ancient times. Those could be completely inaccurate (Sorry Troy and 300). Living during this time, we would actually know what happened and we would have an inside scoop.

Another reason why it would be cool to go back there is because we would have a completely different lifestyle than we do now. Without our Iphones, blackberrys, SUVs and giant mansions sitting in front of our big screen watching March Madness, instead we would be sitting in miniature homemade houses cramped together with our family worshipping all of the gods. I think it an interesting perspective to think that had we lived during this time, all of us would have the same mythical gods that we would look up to, pray to and worship. Now, many people have their own different beliefs and values but during this time, everyone pretty much believed in the same thing. Even those of opposing countries believed and respected the same gods and feared of angering them. It also didn’t matter what social class you were in. You could have been a member of the royal court of the empire, or a foot soldier, and you still live by the same values.

Granted, your standard of living wouldn’t be high, and unless you were King or Queen, or somehow related to them or worked with them, you would probably be living in shambles and would be sacrificed instantly if the King decided that you would be. On the plus side, you’re always really tan, would have a really attractive boyfriend (Brad Pitt-Troy?) and as a girl, get to wear really cool and pretty clothes and jewelry. Also an unlimited supply of wine with every meal. Sounds pretty good to me. 


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  1. I’m with you on this one that we don’t know for sure how it was during this time. The reason people believed one thing is because they were ignorant to anything contrary,

    We live in the “information age” when we question anything and everything including religion. We can google anything or even watch hours of documentaries on TV. Those people didn’t have that so i can see why they stuck to their beliefs. 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    I actually took a course on Archaeology of Greece in freshman year, and its ancient history fascinates me quite a lot as well. The fact that its civilization started earlier than many others and its history spans an amazingly large period of time, leaves a lots of mysteries and truths undiscovered. It would be cool to go back in time and see the difference between our presumptions and theories and what actually happened back then. Personally I can’t see myself worshipping dozens of Greek gods, and I’m certainly not thrilled with becoming the sacrifice, but I would take on this journey any time just to see how the Parthenon really looked like, and whether Achilles was as good-looking as Brad Pitt

  3. Paul Martin says:

    You mean you wouldn’t choose to go back 1 week and live in Punta Cana forever?

  4. Paul Martin says:

    But I definitely feel you on this one. Reading the ancient Greek myths and stories was always my favorite part of history classes growing up. While I was thinking about this prompt, I kept thinking that I would like to go back to a time before technology, but not a barbarian society. And this seems like a pretty good option.

  5. Lindsay S. says:

    That is such a fascinating point you bring up about how everyone had the same religious beliefs in that era. As you mentioned, it is so odd to compare that with today’s age where there are such diverse religious viewpoints. I think this is largely due to globalization, technology, and education. Even so, I agree that it would be very insightful to step into a society like those in Ancient Greece and observe the culture surrounding such a strong religious belief system.

  6. Jordi says:

    On the matter of boy-girl relations, I thought the Greeks thought sex for fun was only a male-male thing. Maybe that was only the Athenians. So, being a woman might not be as fun as you hoped…

  7. Marko says:

    haha.. I totally agree with you.. I was always thinking how I would be way better off in ancient Greece or Sparta.. It sounds like the healthier life than the one we are leading right now.. But on the other side, the life in the 21 century allowed us to have so many things we take for granted.. Im pretty sure that even today you can go to tanning, find a cute boyfriend, wear really cool clothes and jewelry, and buy a box of wine on Market Street.. lol

  8. Marko says:

    Jordi, that was mostly Athenians, they were famous for male-male preferences.. Other warriors engaged in such actions only when they were on battlefields for years and no girls were around.. Plus, think how fun it was being a women when all men come back home after long wars..

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