If I could step back into history, it would be incredible to experience what it was like during the 1980’s on Wall Street in the United States.  Everyone was so carefree and confident that one lucky run on the Street would win them a one-way ticket to retirement at the age of thirty.  The excitement at the country’s top business schools was palpable and everyone knew that the money was flowing in the markets just waiting to be captured.  The smartest of the smart from all of the top schools were not headed to medical school to cure cancer or to law school to become the next Supreme Court Justice, but rather headed straight to the Street where they could make ridiculous quantities of money in just a few short years if they played it right.

The excitement and the possibilities associated with the atmosphere present on Wall Street during this time were unprecedented.  The idea that you could earn enough money to live on within your first decade of working and then have the luxury of choosing to do anything imaginable with the next two-thirds of your life sounds magical.  There was no thought of a market crash, a recession, conservative investing, or the Dodd Frank back then.  On the contrary, Laissez Faire Reaganomics seemed like just what the Doctor ordered.  Pursuing a career in Finance when the markets were cooperating so nicely would be a dream come true.  You would truly have the remainder of your life to make a difference in the world and the funds necessary to do so.


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