After seeing Toyota Motor Corporation mentioned on many of the lists of the most sustainable companies, I decided I would find out more about how Toyota is environmentally conscious.   From just viewing Toyota’s website, it is evident that the company has many very lofty environmental goals and they take specific action to work towards achieving them.   The company aims globally at “establishing a low-carbon society, a recycling-based society, environmental protection, and a society in harmony with nature.”   In an effort to reach these goals, Toyota reduces the environmental impact of their vehicles for every stage the vehicle life cycle – a very impressive feat.  This includes development and design, procurement, production and logistics, sales, waste, and recycling.

The youtube clip below shows an example of one of Toyota’s commercials for their Prius.  It effectively communicates to viewers the company’s goal of making as little environmental impact as possible for the entire vehicle life cycle.

An article I came across on the database Academic One File states that it is not a fluke that Toyota has become one of the world’s largest car companies and that it is largely linked to its marketing of fuel-efficient cars.  This shows that not only is Toyota making a positive difference for the environment and working towards its goals, but it is also developing an image that is very appealing to the consumer.   The article also mentions how more and more companies, like Toyota, are recognizing that wasting energy and resources is a high-risk strategy and one that will not lead them to success.  Focuing on environmental sustainability actually creates job opportunities and allows companies like Toyota to carve out a niche of being the industry leader in establishing a low environmental impact for every stage of the vehicle life cycle.   It is also the best path for government relations and for supply chain management.


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  1. Mike says:

    I’m glad someone chose Toyota. They have been a leader in the auto industry for making green initiatives. They have one of the most popular hybrid cars: Prius. Although they don’t have the most environmentally friendly car, they are the only company with three cars (4 if you count their luxury brand Lexus) on the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s top ten fuel economy leaders list:

  2. Claire McCardell says:

    Great choice! It seems that Toyota is really the only auto-manufacturer to produce and successfully market/sell fuel-efficient cars. Priuses (spelling?) can be seen everywhere, and are highly demanded, as opposed to say smart-cars which are painfully small and not nearly as popular. I also saw a commercial the other day for the new line of Priuses featuring larger versions with more interior space, which I think will only increase their appeal!

  3. Lindsay S. says:

    Yes I completely agree; Toyota has really hit it right in terms of tapping into the consumer market interested in an environmentally friendly car. They have sculpted the Prius into something trendy as well, in addition to being good for the environment, which just results in further appeal. I guess I shouldn’t really say “good for the environment,” because as Toyota emphasizes, the best thing for the environment is to make as little impact on it as possible. But even so, the Prius definitely does accomplish that difficult task.

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