At one point or another Best Buy has come to the rescue.  Perhaps it was that time when your charger inconveniently broke about two hours before you were going to the airport.  Maybe it was when your television stopped working and you needed a new one for your room.  Best Buy is known for its electronics and customer service.  Being the popular and successful company that it is, what does Best Buy do to be socially and environmentally responsible?

One of the most admirable programs that Best Buy has is its recycling program.  You’ve got a useless electronic?  Best Buy will recycle it.  Best Buy will recycle almost any electronic no matter where it was bought.  In my personal opinion, I think this is an excellent campaign strategy as well as beneficial to the company.  Perhaps Best Buy has the ability to recycle some of these products and fix/use parts to re-sell.  Furthermore, Best Buy’s recycling program makes the company look like “the good guy.”  They are willing to takes electronics that aren’t their’s and recycle them.  While I think their recycling strategy is very admirable, Best Buy makes a point of saying that the customer comes first:

“At Best Buy, we aspire to be the place where you have access to technology choices that fit your lifestyle and enable you to live a more sustainable life.  Through education, influencing public policy and driving industry innovation, we want to help you learn about technology solutions and how to use them to enrich your life and our world at the same time. And with energy prices continuing to climb, how you use technology may become more important to your household’s bottom line.”

In this process of finding out information about Best Buy, I first used the links provided to pick a company.  From there, I decided the best place to pursue more information is to go to the corporate website of Best Buy.  For the most part this is where I got a majority of my information. However, I did some research on Google Scholar that gave me some excellent general information.  One article in particular was interesting and specifically pertained to our class Click Here.

I have never really used Google Scholar before and while I didn’t find much information about Best Buy as a company, I gained a very valuable lesson in the process.


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  1. Kate says:

    Too many people simple just throw away their old electronics because they are unaware that companies, such as Best Buy, will recycle them.I really admire Best Buy’s recycling problem, especially the fact that they will recycle other companies’ used electronics. It could also be seen as a great business strategy. By advertising themselves as socially responsible, Best Buy could possibly steal their competitions’ consumers. Scout, what type of electronics do they recycle (computers, printers, ipods)? My computer died over Spring Break and I have no use for it anymore.

  2. scoutberger says:

    Kate, they literally recycle just about anything. Before going into a store I would call ahead to double check that your specific product is accepted but as I looked back at the website they most certainly take almost any product. From TV/Video, Stands/Furniture, Audio, Car Video, Car/GPS, Cameras/Camcorders, Computers, Mobile Phones, Music/Videos/Books, Video Games and Gadgets, and Home and Appliances. Within each of these categories they give a detailed listing of what types of these products are accepted (and there are A LOT)

    I completely agree with you that Best Buy has the ability to steal their competitors’ customers with this plan. As it is I am already thinking of my broken Dell computer sitting on my desk at home and how I plan on dropping it off at Best Buy this weekend. Furthermore, Best Buy’s recycling program draws people into the store. Doing this gets people through the front door and there is a much greater chance that a customer will see something that catches their eye and buy something in the process of recycling old products. It is a great business strategy and makes the company look good.

  3. Hannah says:

    I do agree that Best Buy is doing a great thing with their recycling program. Especially the part you mentioned about how they are willing to recycle any product, even if it wasn’t originally purchased at Best Buy. While I do think they’re doing a great job, I also think that it may be slightly easier for them to be recognized as an environmentally friendly company than others. I may be completely wrong here, but because Best Buy doesn’t actually make/manufacture anything themselves, it seems like they aren’t doing as much damage as other companies talked about on the blog. These companies who make technology, airplanes, softdrinks, steel etc. are obviously going to have a negative effect on the environment, but they are able to minimize their effects and create campaigns and programs geared towards sustainability. I’m not trying to bash on Best Buy, but I think they should try to do more in order to earn to be recognized as an environmentally friendly company.

  4. brookeparker16 says:

    I’m so glad that I learned this especially since I am a sad graduating senior and need to start thinking about getting rid of my clutter i have collected over the years, some of it being electronics. I have had the misfortune of ruining several cameras, mainly due to dropping them. I also have an old external hard drive and an old cell phone so this Best Buy recycling program will be very useful to me. I feel like so many people just throw their old electronics away when it could be given to people who would actually use it rather than just going to the landfill!

  5. Zach says:

    I definitely agree that Beat Buy is doing a good thing for the environment with the recycling program they have in place. Personally, I have some old computers that are sitting around in my house collecting dust that I should probably bring to them. Having said that, I do have to take exception with what you said about Best Buy customer service. I can safely say that I have never had a good experience dealing with the company. They charge fees for everything, and never seem to do the right thing. The company is constantly rated at the bottom of consumer satisfaction polls. With that in mind, it makes me skeptical of anything Best Buy does. It seems like they have implemented this program to bolster their public image, but I think that time would better spent treating the customer like they should be treated.

  6. Jordi says:

    But, when you drop off your old crap, are you now a new impulse buy customer? SO, it is a win-win for BB.

    I wonder what they do with the old crap. A tree hugger friend of mine once told me that grocery stores take all those bags I dutifully take to be recycled and just toss them in the dumpster. Not verified, but if it made my blood run cold.

  7. Sad to say that some people lack the awareness of what they are doing to the environment when they throw electronic devices that contains lead. Sometimes it’s good to be a little bit more mature on the things or decisions that we have to make or do. Some companies buy used gadgets and electronic devices, one just needs to know how to search them online.

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