Dell has built its sustainability strategy over the years by setting a series of ambitious goals, several of which it has already met. In 2008, the company announced it would reduce its total emissions by 40 percent by 2015.


Two years ago, I remember I read “Green Rankings” by Newsweek and Dell was ranked as number 1 green company in the United States. So, I immediately start researching on Dell in order to learn more about how company do business. I tried to find information about Dell on Google Scholar and it was an epic failure. I couldn’t find a single article or scholarly journal on Dell being Eco-friendly. I know Jordi, maybe I was doing it wrong and its not google scholars fault.

Anyways, than I went to Harvard Kennedy School think tank and I found some interesting article on Dell going green.  In 2007, Dell announced that it will become the country’s first “carbon neutral” computer manufacturer next year by making its operations more efficient, buying more energy from renewable sources and planting millions of trees.

Many of Dell’s efforts are also focused on reducing the environmental impact of its products at all stages of their life cycles, from design to disposal. The company’s laptops and desktops are now built to use 25 percent less energy than comparable systems made in 2005. That effort, among others, has saved its customers more than $5 billion in energy costs over the past few years. The company has also used 7.2 million pounds of post-consumer recycled plastic to build new computers–the equivalent of recycling 263 million water bottles. Dell also has one of the tech industry’s most comprehensive recycling programs. The company takes back and recycles any of its products for free, and will also take back competitors’ products at no cost with the purchase of new Dell computers or peripherals. Consumers can also mail back old equipment, Dell will pick up items at their homes, or they can drop them off at more than 2,000 Goodwill or 1,500 Staples locations.

Newsweek Green Rankings for 2011 ranked Dell as number 5 green company is United States and 25th on the entire world. According to this list, out of top 15 world’s most green companies, only one is from US.


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  1. Claire McCardell says:

    I was particularly interested to learn about Dell’s goal to become the first “carbon neutral” computer manufacturer–I don’t think I’ve ever heard that term before, but it just goes to show how the environmental initiative has evolved over the years, from minimizing pollutants to proactively improving the environment. I like that Dell has focused not only on improving its own processes, but pursuing green initiatives totally unrelated to the company (i.e., planting millions of trees). I think its important for companies to adopt similar stances on the environmental front because we not only need to minimize our impact on the environment, but also reverse some of the damage that’s already been done.

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