Hi everyone,

I know everyone is in crunch time trying to finish up their papers but if you guys happen to stumble across this I would appreciate your input.

My first question is whether or not you think that act utilitarianism can be applied to real life scenarios?  Is it too subjective?  How so?

My second question is what is your stance on performance enhancers?  Do you think that athletes that use steroids are cheating?  Are they just trying to keep up with everyone else?  Do you dislike the topic of steroids because they are harmful to body?  Overall what is your stance and why?



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  1. Jordi says:

    Are they cheating? Yes. If the rules of your league or psort are clear, and you violate them, it is cheating. That is my narrow response. However, I do think it is worth pondering why some practices are banned and others not. Many aspects of technology- equipment, nutrition, training techniques- confer advantage. Why have the ruling authorities in certain sports deemed that this technological advantage is not allowed?

    Obviously, in the case of youth, there is a legitimate concern about young people using substances that can have more negative effects than they realize.

    While the preferences of each party in an act utilitarian decision will be subjective, my memory is that those preferences are expressed in a universal medium, like money. Then you can assess across subjective preferences.

  2. Paul Martin says:

    This is proably too late to be helpful, but I wanted to comment anyway. I’ve always been a little torn on the issue of performance enhancing drugs. Ovbiously, like Jordi said, its cheating. But at the same time, isn’t the point of sports at the end of the day to be entertaining? If performance enhancing drugs can make people hit farther home runs or do more ridiculous dunks, aren’t the fans kind of getting what they want? Also, I’ve always found it weird that professional sports put a ban on recreational drugs as well. Clearly, the point of banning drugs is to set a good example for youth, but if a grown person want to smoke weed on the side, and can maintain a high standard of performance, shouldn’t that be entirely up to them? It’s clearly not giving them an advantage in their sport…

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