Adora Svitak is a 12 year old child prodigy who has been blogging and writing since the age of 7. She also travels around the United States speaking with adults and children advocating literacy. Recently she was asked to speak for Ted about her “childish” views. Adora believes that the adult world needs to act more childish with  bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism. She claimed that adults are so hampered down with restrictions were no longer aim for wild goals. As adults we have focused so much on what failed in history that we assume these tried utopias are not longer possible. For example as kids we dreamed of everything being free and available for everyone, we now know that would not work.  We know that if everything were free our resources would be quickly depleted and our work force would be crushed. However, does that mean we should stop dreaming for the utopia? 

I really enjoyed this TED video despite the fact that the girl had an obnoxious voice (sorry). There is a lot of truth, though, in this video. As I am getting ready to enter the real world the vanishing of my childhood become more and more apparent. I’ve noticed that lately I have been saying “I can’t” way more than I used to and I am starting to develop a more pessimistic attitude. Before the world was full of possibilities and now I feel like doors are closing rapidly around me. But Adora makes a good point, are these doors actually closing or did I just stop dreaming big enough? So I would have to follow Adora Svitak and say to all the adults out there think creatively and dream bigger; it can’t hurt.


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  1. scoutberger says:

    I think that the little girl makes a very valid point. Sometimes I feel like our lives are a series of events that are set for us since birth. You have your childhood, then you hit your teens where you try to be “cool,” you go to school, then college, then get a job. Throughout this entire process you are supposed to grow up and be more mature. While this is totally understandable, some of the most wonderful parts of our childhoods are the obscure and imaginative moments we have had. I remember when I was 12 my friend Petie and I thought of a way for trains to run along the tracks without them having to hit the ground. The train would almost be in the air. Fast forward 10 years later and there are trains that have been engineered to travel without touching the tracks. Children have the ability to think outside of the box in a way that adults cannot. Adults are trained to be less imaginative…not that that is necessarily a bad thing. Adults have to grow up to be able to function and strive in the working world. However, some of the most brilliant inventions are ones that are totally out of the norm. Children are able to think this way and I believe it would be very valuable for adults to learn a little bit from children and go back to their childhoods

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