Before today’s assignment I didn’t even know about TED. It turned out that TED is similar to youtube only more educative. I watched 10 different TED video clips and I found this one most funny and interesting.

Dan Holzman and Barry Friedman are more than just a regular jugglers. They use the humor to cover up their juggling failures and they do such a great job. 

While the Raspynis sling their share of unique props, their trademark maneuver is stalling difficult, dangerous stunts with quips, asides and even deliberate mistakes. If you watch the video, you will see that it’shard to say whether they make mistakes on purpose or not. They are so funny that audience tolerate their mistakes and perceive them as part of the show. The duo’s arch brand of onstage chemistry often steals the spotlight from conventional juggling showstoppers. 

The video is only 13 minutes long, and its very hard to pinpoint which part is most entertaining. I recommend just watching the whole thing. 

Some of you might wonder what separate the Raspyni Brothers from the rest of the jugglers. Beside their waggish humor and irresistible stage presence, the Raspyni Brothers use their talent to enrich the corporate surroundings of many companies. In recent years they have carved a niche on the business seminar circuit, electrifying corporate audiences with lessons on teamwork, balance, trust and mortal peril. 



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  1. Tomas Smaliorius says:

    I am curious to see how these two “clowns” have been able to fair in performing at business seminars? I would imagine that they would need to find a happy medium between humor and seriousness because when it comes to business, no pun intended, it can’t always be jokes and games. Seems kind of a cool thing to see live, maybe an idea for Bucknell?

  2. Marko says:

    I actually seen some of their business seminar shows on youtube. They helped business partners increase balance skills by juggling bean bag chairs, and than connected it with office multitasking. Raspynis used humor in every single of their shows, even in the strictly business seminars. They had a huge success with implementing humor everywhere, because businessmen enjoyed having few laughs after so many serious days in their office.

  3. Claire McCardell says:

    I would have never thought that a juggling act could be used as a workshop tool for promoting cooperation and multitasking in businesses, but it sounds like they’ve been pretty successful! I think the humor and entertainment value of the juggling act probably makes it more effective than standard team-building exercises/lectures, which can often be boring and tedious. The act sounds engaging and enjoyable to watch, and definitely offers a change of pace for office workers’ typical schedules. I also think it’s really unique that they incorporate “mistakes” into their acts to add humor–it’s very clever and probably makes their show that much more effective because traditionally when a performer makes a mistake while performing he loses all credibility, and the mistake ends up being the only thing people remember from the show.

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