For this week’s blog, we’re asking you take a trip to the library and find a BOOK, flip through it, and write a brief review. There are two options for this week’s post:


Find a book in one of the exhibits–either the new books on display in the front of the main floor, or in the fiction section (take a sharp right immediately after walking into library-it’s by the little chair and desk). Pick any book that looks interesting to you and flip through it, read some parts, and tell us about it. Why did you pick it? Are there any aspects of it that could relate to our class? What’s the storyline?


Locate a book that relates to your white paper topic, and choose a book that looks interesting to you that’s around that book–often books of the same/similar topics are grouped together, so you’ll probably find something that interests you and may even be useful source for your paper! Tell us about what you learned from that book and provide a brief review.


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