Imagine going to Bucknell, FOR FREE!! There would be no B-Bills, no payments, no student loans, and no parents going bankrupt. Sounds pretty unbelievable, especially considering Bucknell is a third most expensive college in the United States. But is it really so unimaginable?


Free education refers to education that is funded through taxation, or charitable organizationsrather than tuition fees. I didn’t just discover the concept of free education. Many countries around the world are using this model, especially in Europe.

In Norway and Finland, no fees apply for domestic and foreign students enrolling at a university. Sweden until recently provided free education to foreign students but changes has been introduced to charge fees to foreign students from outside of the European community. However, domestic students in Sweden still enjoy completely tuition-free college education. Denmark also has universal free education, and provides a monthly stipend, the “Statens Uddannelsesstøtte” or “SU”, to students over 18 years of age. Greece and Argentina provide free education at all levels, including college and university. Even in Serbia, any level of education (from elementary school to university) is absolutely free.

In Brazil, free education is offered by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry offers scholarships for graduate degrees, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral for Brazilians and immigrants who have Brazilian citizenship. The best universities and research centers are public institutions, financed by either the local state or the federal government.

There are many examples of free education around the world. If everybody would have access to the premium education, such as the one on Bucknell, it would definitely change the world. Now the real question is: can you imagine free education in one of the world’s most capitalist country (US)? Will Bucknell ever be tuition-free and affordable to everyone?


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  1. Marko says:

    7 votes – 0 comments.. epic.. lol

  2. Claire McCardell says:

    It’s a pretty wild idea to imagine going to Bucknell for free, and while I don’t think it’s necessarily feasible, I agree that it would probably change the world for the better. We always hear time and time again the importance of a college degree in getting a good job but it’s can be incredibly burdensome financially. There are many students in the United States who have all the right motivations and sincere desire to obtain a college degree, but are unable to see that goal through purely because of finances. However, that’s why we have state universities that are substantially less expensive for those students who live in-state. The problem with them is that the quality of education ranges vastly, and generally speaking, private universities can offer a higher quality education. My only concern is that if we were somehow able to make all universities free, would that have any affect on enrollment? Would college admissions still be as competitive, or would schools accept more students because cost is no longer an issue?

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