Alright, so unfortunately I was unable to come up with a 60 second elevator pitch to save the economy.  However, I do have an idea about how to make it easier to consume media in this day and age.  

I am writing my white paper on copyright issues, and after reading through all the bills like SOPA and PIPA,  I have come to the conclusion that something is seriously wrong.  Things are just too complicated.  With DRM, 28 day windows, and platform exclusives it has become far to difficult and convoluted to enjoy the things that we like.  Personally, I don’t think that piracy is the issue.  The real issue is the convenience of legally available alternatives.  So here is my pitch.

Have a one stop online shop.  This storefront should have every thing.  Every movie.  Every song.  Every book, etc.  Consumers should be able to buy or rent individual items, or subscribe to the service as a whole.  And, if I buy something on my computer, it should be available to me on my phone, iPad, or any other place in which I would like to watch it.  The only way to beat piracy is to make a legal alternative more convenient.  And one last thing, make the price reasonable.  Reasonable people will pay reasonable prices to consume the media that they like.  Thats it.  Obviously, this is not too likely to happen in the world in which we live, but a guy can hope.  Right?




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  1. Connie says:

    I can definitely buy into this idea. Like you said, there are so many different websites, applications, and platforms that it can get a bit overwhelming for the government to try to monitor. Having a one-stop shop would definitely make it more convenient for the user, and easier for the government to track. However, I think there’s a good chance that this one-stop shop would try to become a monopoly, forcing consumers to turn back to other means of getting their music, movies, books, etc. Also, would this one-stop online shop involve collaboration among companies like iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, etc.? There’s just so many things to think about, but it would be a nice idea.

  2. Jordi says:

    Isn’t that what iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble are competing to do?

    • Zach says:

      This is what companies like Amazon and Apple are trying to do. These companies are not the ones holding the process back. It is the content creators that must change. One perfect example of this is with the show game of thrones. I don’t personally watch the show, but apparently it was not available on any of the major services. The only way to easily watch it was to pirate it. This is the hurdle that we need to overcome.

  3. Marc says:

    I remember you talking to me about this topic an the big assumption that I seem to remember is that you assume that most people would be willing to pay for these services, thus eliminating piracy. At first I didn’t think this was true, because people are both lazy and cheap. But upon further thought, especially after thinking about the success of Spotify and iTunes new cloud service, it seems pretty obvious that people will pay for quality and easy service. I think this will especially be heightened with your idea to have everything at your fingertips. The only thing we would need to see is how much this service would cost because, as we know, record and film companies are incredibly greedy and not too willing to relinquish distribution rights.

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