After having the final blog council meeting of the semester this evening, we decided that we would leave it up to the class to determine the overall best blog post for this week.  So the “best ranked blog award” will be announced tomorrow in class, so you have until then to cast your votes via the rankings you give to your classmates’ posts!

We did come up with some other awards of our own though.  These are UNIQUE to this week, and some are playfully offered.

Best “10 second idea “– Alex Lin 🙂

Great idea with the least amount of thought — Ian  🙂

Deep and philosophical — Jim

Radical — Tomas

Most obsequious — Claire [[Look it up]]  🙂

And in addition, we want to recognize an “All-star team.”  The following people posted about ideas which we felt we will remember and want to tell other people.  The “one thing” about any business to determine its success: will your customers recommend it to others?









Mike A.


As you can see, there were a lot of memorable posts this week!  So hope you had fun reading and writing the last blog posts of the semester!!


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