“Once I came to Mumbai, the dalal sold me to a malik (brothel boss) in Kamathupura. The malik told me I owed hum thirty-five thousand rupees ($780), and I must have sex with any man who chooses me until this debt is repaid. I refused, and his men raped me and did not feed me. When I agreed to do sex, they gave me medicines because I had a urine infection. I was in that bungalow two years and made sex to twenty men each day. There were hundreds of girls in this bungalow, many from Nepal. One time I tried to escape. I complained to the police, but they did nothing. A few days later the malik’s men found me on the streets and took me back to the brothel. The malik put chili paste on a broomstick and pushed it inside me. Then he broke my ribs with his fist. The gharwali (house manager, madam) tended my wounds for a short time, and after this time I went with clients again, even though my ribs pained very badly. The gharwali gave me opium to make the pain less. After two years, the malik sold me to another malik on Falkland Road. During this time I lived in a pinjara (cage) with one other woman. It was very small and it was on the street, so it was very noisy at night. I was pregnant two times, and the gharwali gave me pills to kill the baby. The second time I became very ill. When I was strong I ran away. I went to a shelter near Falkland Road. They told me I have HIV. They helped me to contact my father, but he told me not to come home. He said I can never be married and because I have HIV, I can only bring shame.”

The above is an excerpt from my paper describing the life of Maya, a former sex slave. My paper describes the global issues surrounding human trafficking, specifically the typical lifestyle of a sex slave, the sex trafficking industry and potential solutions that can bring a stop to human trafficking. For full access to my paper, click here.



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