With the global average income on the rise, the contemporary era has been considered the era of branded goods consumption. With that being said, consumer interest has become the era’s central feature that no organization can disregard. Believe it or not, the mantra that “Customer is the King” is nowhere near exaggeration. The growing importance of consumer importance can be proved with the enactments of many consumer protection laws in various countries, especially the United States – the biggest consumer market in the world.

Currently, lawsuits regarding consumer protection in different areas, from technology to food industry, have been quite rampant. Being an avid food lover, I want to further explore the extent to which the government has acted on food labeling policies as to ensure consumer interest. How should the government improve food product labeling to prevent false, misleading health and nutrient claims? How much of these efforts will be of help to consumer protection? This paper will look into the state of food labeling laws in the United States, identifying pending issues with the current food product labels, as well as offering some recommended course of actions for both the government and consumers in ensuring consumer interests.

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