Companies across the globe are destroying our environment because it is the cheapest way to operate. A shift towards sustainable business practices has been moving sluggishly over the past few decades, but there is much to be done to show companies that there is much green to come with green operations.

Our economy has been abusing their privilege of not bearing all the costs of their means of production. The pollution and wasteful consumption of the majority of companies across the globe has been increasing drastically where our environment has been affected as a result. With our world population also growing rapidly, the modified new world will not be able to sustain us humans much longer. The natural resources that we need to survive will not be abundant enough to support us. We already have billions of people malnourished and billions who struggle for clean fresh water, so we must change our business practices at a bare minimum to stop the effects that our changing our world for the worst. Sustainable business practices will not only benefit our environment, but they have proved to benefit businesses by also reducing their costs, increasing their revenue, building a good reputation, and reducing their risk in the market.

There have been many holdups as to why this shift towards sustainable business practices is moving so slowly after decades of knowledge behind it. Governments are doing a poor job regulating businesses’ operations and implementing an effective strategy. Businesses are either too engrained to work as they currently are, unaware of the benefits of sustainable business practices, or have just found a way where destroying the environment is just the cheapest way to produce their product or service.  The educational research has strongly encouraged change with staggering data. Many non-profit organizations have already begun developing ways to enforce a shift in practices. These systems must continue to develop so businesses have a clear option that green practices are the best way to do business. With the government’s help implementing this system and making business managers and executives aware of sustainable benefits, we can finally start making a radical swing towards the sustainable development our world and people need.

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