This is an excerpt from my paper…

Wind energy has been detrimental in relieving certain countries of their foreign oil dependencies, such as Denmark and Germany. By pursuing wind power as an alternative energy resource in the 1970s, Denmark was able to spark an economic boost as the country became a leader in wind turbine development and manufacturing. As other countries look to emulate Denmark’s clean energy system by following in their foot path, United States has struggled to even establish a similar structure as Denmark. Even though the American citizens realize the benefits associated with this alternative energy, issues still arise that leave individuals skeptical of the advantage provided by these wind turbine. Issues regarding bird deaths, radar confusion, and aesthetics of wind turbines have been difficult to come up with solutions for, but the Obama administration has been doing all it can to implement the renewable energy system. As difficult as the process has been, small strides have been taken as U.S. Congress has approved of the first offshore wind farm to be located in the Nantucket Sound. The U.S. federal government will be a key component as it tries to achieve Barack Obama’s goal of 20% of electricity harnessed from wind power by 2035. Denmark was able to demonstrate that with the governments’ enforcement and push of its country and citizens, the renewable energy sector can be implemented successfully. All it takes is a little compromise and a realization that in the end, it is all of us that benefit from this ordeal. United States has the resources, the drive, and the steps to replicate of how to get there. Wind energy is the future, and it is time for United States to build on that.

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