The title says it all.

Our Blog Council just met last night, and we all know everyone has been waiting for this post to come. We had such an extremely hard time deciding on which blog posts should be acknowledged. In the end, despite having had to endure sitting on those couches at 7th st’s smelly niche, we managed to make our decisions. The results are:

Best Overall Post goes to Alex (SunChips Responds to Consumers) for his short and fun writing style

Best Tie to Class Discussion/Readings goes to Scout (Starbucks at its Finest) for her useful reference to Milton

Best Title is shared between Marc’s “Could I Have a Beef Burrito with a Side of Integrity?” and Zach’s “i(‘m)Addicted”

And finally, our special award, Post that expanded Jordi’s urban slang, goes to Ian (Frat Boys aren’t the only ones who love Timberland) for his creative use of “douchebaggery”



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  1. Jordi says:

    That cat scares me. Loos like he is going to attack me.

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